A Meditation on Discord has been included in Post Ambient LuxTextura’s “Best of 2019” lists -- thank you!!

“The universe holds all of the sound that has ever existed. Vibrations crawling through time and space bumping into other vibrations and objects creating harmony and discord. Moving out amongst the crushing roar of young stars and the delicate whispers of the dust of dead ones until all that is, is done. Those are the thoughts that entered during composer Zachary Paul’s opening piece for Crook at The Echo this past Monday.“ - Grimy Goods

“For Touch, Zachary Paul proves one human being alone on stage with a violin can still conjure up a whole world” - The Quietus

“Paul’s debut is a powerful piece of drone, worthy of those who have seen music as a field of experience. It will hopefully change and challenge your perception, but only if you listen to it at full volume, allowing you to see it completely.” - A Closer Listen

"...unquestionably the Niccolò Paginini of loop architecture." - Brainwashed

"In three durational parts ‘A Meditation On Discord’ introduces a promising and timeless new musical voice, showcasing an expressive range and style porous to nature and the elements." - Boomkat

"This album clearly shows Zachary Paul as an important new member of the Touch roster. He’s an improviser whose sensitivity to both his chosen instrument and his immediate surroundings combine to deliver music that is transportive and transcendent." - Toneshift

"The impact of the material when listened to at peak volume is stunning, as well as a little bit disorienting—the kind of staggering creation that can leave a performer wondering if such a moment can ever be duplicated." - Textura