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Sonic Open Orchestra - Bryars: The Sinking of the Titanic
Zachary Paul & Mark van Hoen - IHVH - The Agnostic
Zachary Paul & Patrick Shiroishi - Longitude
Zachary Paul, Patrick Shiroishi, Derek Gaines, Jason Adams, Jasmin Blasco - SKY-CHU
Zachary Paul, Dave Valdez & Ellie Pritts - Old Light (live)
Zachary Paul & Dustin Wong - Why Did./? Yes, why did, why did?/. (live on Dublab)
Zachary Paul & Geneva Skeen - Long Wave (live on Dublab)
Nadoyel - Maia/Sun
Nadoyel - Tav
Nadoyel - Natalie
Nadoyel - Joker
Sean McCann - Simple Affections
Sean McCann - Music for Public Ensemble
Simon Scott - Soundings
Simon Scott - Grace
drøne - The Stilling
DSCORPR8S - h0w 2 dsc0rpr8 // pr3y 4 d34th
DSCORPR8S - Akashic Discrepancy
Cindy Jollotta - Honky Tonk Heroine
Cindy Jollotta - Leave Slow
Cindy Jollotta - Now You Can Wait
Dave Valdez - Music for Aquariums
Carlos Sprung - Caravela: Songs for Stories in Your Head
Lola Bates - I'm Gonna Lose You
Benjamin Louis Brody - Far Away Music
Tom Caufield - Deep Cuts From The Moral Wilderness
Death Cat - Dodo Bird/Dirt/Eyeball
Barry Kernachan - Passing
Chanel Beads - Male Friendship

photo by ZB Images